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Ju Shen Lee is a real-life photographer who weaves beautiful photo-tapestries that go beyond the visual feast of exotic locations. Her imagery also conjures our other senses and immerses one in the underlying sounds, aromas, flavours and textures. For Ju Shen, photography has always been more than a visual bridge between the subject and viewer. As a cultural bridge between different worlds, her pictures also opens hearts and minds. Ju Shen’s international life experiences, earth-sciences studies, and environmental-management career, have given her an empathetic eye for the synergy of life, culture and nature. This has inspired her expeditions to Bhutan, Cambodia and Laos. In 2016, Ju Shen won the Asia Jury Prize awarded by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). Her winning photograph, taken in Bhutan, was selected from over 1,500 entries from the 50 ASEF partner-countries.

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Luang Prabang - Life & Prayer

Asia Jury Prize Winner of the ASEF Photo Competition “On the Go"